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Please note this form is required to register, but registration is not complete without payment. Automatic tuition payment will be applied on August 20th for September classes, and on the 20th of each month thereafter until written notice is given.

Student Name *
Student Name
Please select the class your student was enrolled in during June. They are guaranteed their same spot in September. This is all you need to do to lock in their spot before July 14th. If you would rather a different day, please note what day(s) in the Preferred Class section. You may select both a Guaranteed Class and check other options in the Preferred Class section.
Preferred Class
Please check all days that you are interested in. There is no guaranteed placement in classes other than the one previously enrolled in, but you will be notified if there are openings.
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Parent/Guardian Name
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Street Address
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By checking the box below, I agree to hold harmless Art Spot Studio, Nikki Gardner, or any employees of Art Spot Studio for any and all claims for personal injury and/or property damage in which damage and injury appears to be proximately caused in whole or part by participation in this program.
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By checking the box below, I give Art Spot Studio permission to use without limitation or obligation, photos of artwork and/or my child working on or displaying their artwork, for purposes of promoting the studio's programs and classes.