Class Registration/Wait List Form 

For camps and workshops, please register directly from those pages on the website. This form is for after school classes only.

Student Name *
Student Name
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Parent/Guardian Name
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Cell/Emergency Phone
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Street Address
Please list the names and numbers of all others who have permission to pick up your child, or be contacted in case of emergency. State "none" if only you may pick up/drop off.
Policies *
By checking the box below, I state that I have read and agree to Art Spot Studio's policies as outlined in the FAQ's tab.
Release *
By checking the box below, I agree to hold harmless Art Spot Studio, Nikki Gardner, or any employees of Art Spot Studio for any and all claims for personal injury and/or property damage in which damage and injury appears to be proximately caused in whole or part by participation in this program.
Photo Permission *
By checking the box below, I give Art Spot Studio permission to use without limitation or obligation, photos of artwork and/or my child working on or displaying their artwork, for purposes of promoting the studio's programs and classes.