with Amanda McLaurin

Reduce your impact on the environment (and on your wallet!) by mending items you already own. In this workshop you’ll learn basic sewing skills to mend, reinforce, and add visual impact to your existing wardrobe

Bring a damaged item you’d like to repair or embellish to work on in class. Denim or woven fabrics work best for this class.

Materials: Needle, thread and a variety of patches made from upcycled fabrics and handwoven textiles from Indonesia will be provided. Other supplies like rulers, water soluble markers, wax pencils and additional patches will be available during class time and as optional purchase at the end of class. 

For ages 18+, all ability levels

In this class you’ll learn:

  • Basic hand sewing techniques to mend/reinforce clothing

  • How to create stitch patterns using a grid

  • The history of tenun and weaving in Indonesia


About the Instructor

After a successful career as an event planner in Raleigh and Seattle, Amanda McLaurin relocated to Semarang, Indonesia in 2015. While living there she spent every available weekend exploring villages specializing in traditional Indonesian textiles including batik and woven ikat and lurik (stripes).

Since returning to Washington in 2017, she’s built a freelance business focusing on fiber arts and teaching. In her workshops she teaches the art of embroidery, mending, macrame and sewing to children and adults.