Ever tried the mesmerizing art of acrylic pouring? Let Twyla teach you her techniques and guide you through the steps to create your very own poured masterpiece. In this workshop you’ll learn different techniques to get your paint to create cells, and how to manipulate the texture with the use of a torch.

This workshop is for adults or teens aged 14 and over with an accompanying adult. All supplies (8x8 gallery wrapped canvas, paint and mediums, take home travel box) included.

May 28, 7-9 PM Wreath
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Learn how to create your very own unique watercolor wreath!

Join Twyla as she walks you through simple watercolor techniques to paint a classic Leaf and Laurel wreath. There can be many different variations of this design, including the addition of flowers.

Perfect for beginners or those looking to hone their skills.

This workshop is for adults ages 18 and over. All supplies included.


About the Artist

After Graduating BYU with a degree in Art, Twyla spent 9 years working as a freelance artist doing everything from custom home murals to fine art watercolors. Her current passion is taking what she’s working on in studio and transforming it into a classroom experience in local elementary schools where she volunteers. She believes that sharing the creative experiences connects people in a way that few other things can and loves to be a part of that!